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Nourishing Necessities

A way to move from surviving to thriving

A conscious collective built on conscious connections. Aaron Weston – founder and self titled freedom facilitator (because free people call themselves whatever they want to).


When we look at life as a whole we may take for granted all of its parts and functions and develop opinions based on perceptions. When one embarks on a journey to understand the parts they may lose sight of the whole. Here at NN we offer programs and products that honor the whole and enhance the parts. Nourishing Necessities does just that – we nourish what is necessary.


Necessities deal with survival and we acknowledge that every living being is designed to at least survive. The nourishment pertains to evolving that state to a belief that we are meant to thrive. How we do that is unique and stems from the seed of bio-individuality.  We take inventory of how one is living currently and weigh it against the way one wants to live. From there we connect people to life-changing programs to properly prepare their minds, bodies and spirits for their internal revolution.


Choose from a menu of products and services that enhance our vibration to a state of balance, harmony and wholeness or trust us to enroll you in a full spectrum program that tends to all areas of life be it mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual. This multi-faceted system offers a solution to the many obstacles and obstructions that stand in the way of our personal and universal freedoms from the micro to the macro, we got you covered by purple wings until you realize the strength to fly alone.


  • herbal teas

  • water filtration systems

  • natural cleaning products

  • body products

  • supplements

  • clothing


  • massage

  • reiki

  • accupuncture

  • shamanic healing/journeys

  • herbalism

  • health coaching

  • ministry

  • psychic reading - ask the oracle

My Chi

An in-depth study fusing classical Yang style Tai Qi Quan, medical and supreme science Qigong and kinesiology

Mystical Movement

Everything that I know anatomically and physiologically drawn together into a spiritually guided intuitive movement class 

Self Defense

Following the philosophy of Bruce Lee with 'No Style' as a Style this is a mix martial art but not to be confused with MMA

Classical Styles


Tai Chi

Yin Yoga