Aaron Weston, founder and freedom facilitator of Nourishing Necessities, a wholistic fitness and wellness center on Farmington Ave, Hartford CT.


Gifted with healing abilities discovered in childhood, Aaron has trained and grown in a wide range of modalities allowing him to intuitively and intelligently integrate everything into a practical application. The Nourishing Ninja will cut through blocks with pin point precision, glide in stealth through shadows of emotion highlighting attachments and limiting patterns. No one session is ever the same as no one person is, therefore no style as the style and being the clearest channel possible when facilitating a healing has led to this truly indescribable approach to bodywork.


When it comes to preventing the unproductive patterns from returning we turn to lifestyle changes and spiritual elevation techniques.

McKayla Burgos is a proficient healer, a true nourisher of all bodies. Passionate about balancing the imbalances, clearing dis-ease, and bringing in what is needed for balance and harmony she loves to see people thrive. Specializing in Massage therapy, Reiki, and Therapeutic touch; she has an magnificent ability to “see through her hands” to find issues or imbalances and also shares knowledge on what we can do to heal our own bodies or other parts of self that one may need more guidance on.


Bringing awareness to the body is one aspect, but taking action on improving it is the Whole. We are very powerful beings when we are aligned properly so learning where and how to channel that power is a major key in getting one to their higher state of being.

John Macro is a natural born soul coach with a vast range of wisdom from meditation and micro-nutrients to strength training and Shilajit, he is always ready to Nourish the Necessities. 


  • Looking to develop progressive habits and raise your vibration?

  • Seeking to overcome stress, dis-ease, or disharmony internally or externally? 


Welcome to the solution. 

Passionate about optimizing this human experience and sharing knowledge about our power as people he is committed to our growth as a collective, giving the secrets of self he has discovered on his journey and always seeking to upgrade to the next level. Studying with masters from around the world, his unique approach to wholistic health and wellness uses a dynamic range of proven methods that stand the test of time. We know it’s not just one action that makes a person thrive it’s a unification of a variety of things, this is why we are as full spectrum as possible to offer the most effective solutions and provide exactly what one needs to evolve. We are at the perfect place at the perfect time and there are no coincidences here.. 

Now is the time, let’s rise together.  Wholeness!


  • mobility/strength training, qi gong, yoga

  • soul coach and life path reading

  • vibratory analysis and chakra alignment

  • reiki & aura cleansing

  • blissful meditation 

  • lifestyle advancement support

  • master mind training

  • supplementation, micronutrients, remineralization & cellular regeneration 

  • sovereignty mentorship 

  • connection to a tribe of 2000+ individuals rising together 

Jen Tartakoff studied at the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine of New York Chiropractic College.  Through this program, she developed her knowledge of health care from the perspective of both biomedicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She holds Diplomate status through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and is licensed in the state of Connecticut.  She was a recipient of the Compassionate Clinician Award at NYCC upon graduation.


She was exposed to yoga as a child, and has held health maintenance as a vital part of daily life ever since.  She has been practicing Reiki for over ten years, and completed her Master level training in 2011.  Her clinical experience has extended through private practice and integrative medical settings.  She is passionate about working with a diverse cross-section of patients and conditions, to explore the ways she can best support each person's journey.


Her treatments maintain a strong focus on self-care and patient education.  In this way, she returns healthcare to the hands of the individual.  By incorporating numerous therapeutic modalities along side dietary and lifestyle approaches, her patients are able to achieve overall wellbeing.