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We’re active activists after....this actual bliss, practical shifts through factual shit. Not looking for fanatical hits, we’re more family & kin, not a spa but we do carry botanical gifts 🎁! Nourishing Necessities, our specialty is kinetic human energy! We gain ground through centering, remain round and remember team! Family focused, we buy local but we fly global, we carry the herbs 🌿 that help us not rely on bifocals. Co-creating with our goal-related, no-faking kind of crew! We do clean food and kitchens, effective exercise and nutrition, but with that alone there was something missing in the mission. We’re here to remind that... Life can be fun, there is that light 💡 at the end of the tunnel when the shadow work is done 🖤💛 realize... after every night the day comes & whether we see the sun 🌞 is one thing. And whether we feel the warmth is another, whether we see each other as brothers and sisters, mothers, lovers or wizards 🧙‍♂️, whether we came from monkeys 🐒 God, God’s or lizards we could all be able to eat a good dinner, we could all be filled well and feel like a winner. We can all be forgiven and release the guilt of being sinners. We can all reach a state of peace and see the plan complete without harmful chemicals and synthetic fillers.

We care about our Earth 🌍 🌎 🌏 from the sky to the dirt, we carry clean water and natures medicine for if your ever hurt 😢. We’re healers and helpers and we know our worth. We do have to make a living, but were never after your purse 👜, we have shamans on deck if you feel you’ve been captured by curse and masters of Reiki and massage when your back is overworked.

Magic & minerals for your bath 🛀 and acupuncture that actually works and the one thing that unites it all.... Gatherings!!!! Like a tabernacle or church ⛪️. But we’re not based on a religious order to serve. We’re here to live in harmony with Earth, we’re here to live with Heart, ♥️ even when it hurts 💜!

Overall we are here to heal & teach while we continuously learn to Bee🐝! You’re welcome to join the vision to be & stay free. And speaking of free, if you’re truly interested your first class is on me!

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